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"My observation was that once a person actually completed a play or novel he was well on his way to getting it produced or published, as opposed to a vast majority of people who tell me their ambition is to write, but who strike out on the very first level and indeed never write the play or book" Woody Allen on advice for young artists

How many times have you started a project only to be swayed by the next passionate idea that comes to your mind? How many times did you say, "this is going to be the time I see this project through" only to have the work be abandoned and put on the dusty shelf of personal "to-get-to's?" I know it has happened to me countless times. Each time I start a new project I say it will be different. I have to be honest, I am completely shocked I have [almost] regularly written and made entries in this blog for over three months now. Whenever I take a tally of how many articles I have, the voice in my head tells me, "you could have done better" and that's true, I could have. This site has acted as an experiment in seeing things through, however.

There are days where I look at the screen for minutes. I see the line cursor blink on and off. I sit there and enough time passes to have some quality work only to snap back to the present and see a blank slate. So much of what I have noticed in working on this project comes from the restructuring of my daily routines. Restructuring the day with small goals/habits will compound efforts into a bigger, grander project. Many times I have succumb to pitfalls of laziness and resistance and I haven't seen my daily habits through.

The trick is catching yourself when you do, saying, "fuck that," and then hitting the grind again.

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