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I've talked before how conversations are like 1's and 0's and really, if looked at through a certain lens, a conversation is an exchange of data between two hard drives (brains). I fully stand by that metaphor.

Furthermore, I believe with that books allow for a conversation with people you may never meet. Books allow for you to have a front row seat into the mind of someone who did something and took the time to write about it. Of course that prior statement mainly reflects non fiction work but it does align for fiction work as well; you are able to travel into the imagination of a remarkable person.

What do you want to learn about? Psychology? Finances? Sex? Marketing? Improv Comedy? Almost every topic has been written by an expert in that field. Grabbing a book and entering their realm is a great way to gain a "temporary mentor."

With all the advances in technology it is very hard to be bored. With that, it's also easy to float by. Read more people! Gain new insight and a new skill.

Learn from experts and gain new skills. The secrets lie in books.

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