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The power of conversation is remarkable. Whether it be between old friends, lovers, business colleagues or strangers meeting for the first time, conversations have the power to leave people in a better state of being. If we compare to the human brain to that of perhaps a computer processor we can easily make the comparison to a conversation being the exchange of data. The human brain has a remarkable ability to store massive amounts of information. From birth, the human brain is learning and gathering new information. One medium to exchange this data is through conversation. Through this exchange of information humans have been able to change the world. Humans aren't created in a vacuum. Humans are social by nature. By creating a network and exchanging data through conversation human beings have accomplished monumental feats.

Conversation and it's power has dwindled in recent time. Peoples' attention spans are at an all time low. People are able to communicate through paraphrased texts and sound bites. With all the recent advancements in communication technology a woman in San Fransisco can send an email to her business partner is Shanghai and yet a single guy can't find the courage to go up to the beautiful young woman he shares his morning commute with on the train and ask her out. If he did, he would probably be considered a creep! As we progress technology forward it appears in certain aspects we have turned inward with our ideas vulnerabilities. Our leaders today have legitimized populism and flat out dishonesty through communication.

We need to bridge the gap on both on a global scale as well as in the immediate tribe.

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