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Written by Tim Ferriss, the 4-Hour Work Week takes you on a journey through much of Ferriss' professional experience and how he went from 9-5 professional to multi-million dollar entrepreneur to what he dubs a member of the New Rich (NR).

From the moment we are humans exit the life of academia we are expected to work. Most of us, look forward to this life of building a career. The current landscape, according to Ferriss, is clouded my systems and demands aren't fully efficient and productive. We give ourselves 8 hours a day to work and thus fill those 8 hours with busy work. There is a way to see past these time wasters and build a life both rich in the financial sphere as well as your own well being.

By following the four components of DEAL (Definition, Elimination, Automation and Liberation) one can tap into the NR way of life.

This book serves as a blueprint for what you can do to achieve the results in a similar way. Ferriss makes sure to add comfort challenges throughout each chapter to get you in tune with thinking in a NR manner. In the newest edition, Ferriss also includes testimonials from previous readers who have taken up his challenges, changed their lives and entered the world as part of the NR.

This will be a book I hold onto for a long time and read periodically through the years.

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