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Living a life in which you want more can often be a lonelier life. One sacrifices a lot of things. Probably the most noticeable sacrifice is with one's family. Living a life, trying to see a different side of life and challenge what you know and love is hard. You leave your friends you grew up with. You forego a job that is steady and reliable financially.

As you're living it, you bet on the fact that it will all pay off. You spend years in a state of questioning your choices. Was this move the right choice? Was quitting this job the right choice? You work hard and hope this road you're paving will lead to success. While in the thick of it, it all remains an unknown and you keep trekking.

Yesterday I wrote to someone I look up to, Steven Pressfield. He wrote many books that I have read and have inspired me. I asked him when was he able to recognize his own credibility? When did he take a conscious approach to realizing the responsibility of living his life with intent and creating true work. When did he take it upon himself to be entrepreneurial and believe in himself.

He responded back a few hours later. His answer was vague. He said he couldn't really pin-point when it was but rather it took place over a period of ten years. His answer made me think about what I wrote above. Over his ten years of struggle, he really made a bet on himself that his struggle and strife would pay off.

His response helped me realize I'm in the thick of things making my own bets.

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