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We live in a world today where success is measured in terms of how well you are known by people. How much social pull do you have? How many times in your face posted or viewed through various mediums of multimedia? How ridiculous of an act can you pull to gain notoriety?

Everywhere you look you see a screen that’s telling you what to do, what to think and what to feel. Even now I understand the irony of how my message is being transmitted as I type away these thoughts.

Often times these messages can be extremely confusing and cause people to commit unnatural acts in order to measure up to the world- see plastic surgery, prescription drug use, etc.

What is important is a life of integrity. When the layers of who we really are are stripped away we really only have a few traits that provide worth. One of the pinnacle traits is our word. When we say we are going to do something, we do it. Older generations talk of “hand shake deals.” Years ago when people made plans with one another, there were no mobile devices so one could cancel at a moment’s notice. When you said you were going to be somewhere, you’d better show up. Community was solidified through the integrity of one’s word. Today, community has become more fluid. One can meet people from all over the world with the ease of modern devices. One can be anyone they want by constructing a certain image online. One can connect with their idols through social media. The seasons of one’s interests can change with the passing of fads. In order to “measure up” in the long run, after years of building relationships and a community, it all comes down to how well you can honor those “hand shake deals.”

Technology rapidly changed the way the world communicates in the last two decades. Humans need to catch up and not leave their integrity behind.

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