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Regardless of your political views, The United States was founded on the three unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and The pursuit of Happiness. The first of the two rights I have always taken for granted. I have never truly felt fear for my life and I have always felt I am free to do and say what I like, barring any actions don't infringe upon others' liberties and lives. The third unalienable right of the list has always been a bit more illusive in its understanding and capture. What makes me happy and with that, how do I want to pursue it? I used to believe that I was going to be a comedian and make people laugh. I had this vision of myself that if I could achieve monumental feats in comedy and entertainment I would find happiness in health and wealth.

My pursuit has since shifted.

I think it is going to shift countless times in life. Happiness isn't a finish line that you can reach. It isn't a pot of gold that you can find at the end of a rainbow. It is more like a mustang one can find in the wild. The iconic idea of the horse is beautiful. You will chase and chase it for miles. You may finally catch it only to have it buck you off with struggle and strife.

You only need to get back up and attempt to catch it again.

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