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Aubrey Marcus has been a beacon of inspiration for me for quite some time. The man was able to take his philosophy of Total Human Optimization and his site, from idea to $28 million a year in revenue business. He is a guru and advocate of treating the body and mind as one continuous unit. What affects the mind will affect the body and vice versa.

While he backs the science behind how psychedelics can make positive impacts on people with trauma, anxiety and stress he firmly and publicly denounces the use of legal pharmaceuticals. He believes the body tells us things we sometimes cannot respond to due to the external stimuli and ease of the modern world we live in. There is a level of grit that we may have lost with all the advances in technology that provide a veiled sense of comfort.

The man has been able to go beyond his own ego and spread his knowledge, experience and influence through his website and his podcast, Aubrey Marcus Podcast. In his podcast he interviews individuals who share in this idea of mind/body synthesis and the combating of this "pill for every ill" lifestyle present in the western world. His interviewees include Joe Rogan of The Joe Rogan Experience, Wim "Ice Man" Hof who scaled Mt. Everest in a pair of shorts, Hockey Player Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks and more. Marcus's offers articles to tap into new and innovative exercises to fuel and challenge the body. Marcus has also started a line of all natural supplements to help balance the body to reach Total Human Optimization.

Check out his website, here.

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