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For breakfast he'd have two cups of coffee, the mug pointed with the handle at 4 o'clock so it was efficient to grasp. His toast couldn't be too burnt and neither could his eggs- always cooked over easy. He always ate from right to left. He held his fork with his left hand and his knife with his right. Any other way would be bad manners.

After he ate, he would hand wash his dishes. The dishwasher promoted laziness he thought. He showered in scolding hot water. He needed to be absolutely sure he was clean in order to tackle the day. After he would finish, the mirror would fog. He needed to wipe away the condensation so he could fix his hair. Low skin faded pompadour with a side part from left to right. He had this hair cut for many years. It worked perfectly with the shape of his head. The part needed to be perfect everyday or the people might notice. To create this look, only American made ultra-high sheen and hold pomade would do.

He dressed himself in a crisp white pocket T and paired that with dark indigo selvedge denim. He slipped on his brown alligator-skinned ankle boots. He grabbed his pair of black wayfarers to shield his eyes from the harsh summer rays.

He did this routine everyday. He believed discipline and routine produced success. In his head he was the center of the universe. When he went out to take on the day, he would be ready.

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