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An absolute must listen to. If you are a person who is working on a side hustle and is in need for some inspiration and a place to go and be a fly on the wall during a conversation between a podcast host and a successful entrepreneur, this is the podcast you need to listen to. Guy Raz of NPR take about a half hour with successful entrepreneurs and dives into their story of success. The first segment I listened to of How I Built This was a conversation with Suroosh Alvi and how he co-founded VICE Media. Being a young man in a world full of opportunity I have, like many, a burning desire for success and want to educate, inform and inspire people. Alvi's conversation with Raz helps illustrate just one example of how a group of individuals in their mid 20's took a chance on an idea and built it into a 4 billion dollar business. Obviously, not everyone is going to have that kind of success. Alvi, who used to be a heroin addict after dropping out of university in Montreal, was struggling to find work. One of his N.A. sponsors told him about an opening at a Haitian-French magazine that was looking to pivot and start an English issue. Alvi's friend told him to take a chance on the job. He told Alvi that, "the magazine could fail miserably or it could culminate into something great." It did turn into something great. The conversation goes into depth how Alvi and his co-founders Gavin McInnis and Shane Smith took the magazine and built it into the mega media company it is today. The conversation made me think of this blog. Sure I have aspirations and goals with it and of course I do struggle to sit down and have the thoughts in my head travel to my fingers and produce content you see on this page. I do think, it's definitely possible this website could be just a hobby that fizzles out over time.

It's also very possible this website could gain traction and inspire and move people in ways I never would have imagined.

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