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The power of language can be underestimated at times. When you strip everything else away from being human it is one of our most important tools. We are able to create with one another when using language. We are able to convey emotions when using language. We are able to send written messages and make conscious change in ourselves and the people around us with language. Think about when a baby cries. They are frustrated with something and don't have the tool of language to convey their frustration. They need something and the only way to let the world know they are in pain or need is through crying. The human race in it's nature isn't created in a vacuum. We are social creatures and language helps foster our own survival and progress. Language has created some of the greatest artistic feats: speeches that brought nations together, papers that started revolutions, negotiations that saved lives. Language also helped spawn many of our scientific advances.

In everyday life, the power of word cannot be understated. It could perhaps be at work and a problem we are facing with a superior. Being able to convey thoughts and emotions with an honest foundation can help nurture bliss and prosperity in one's relationships. It seems at times we have lost this gift and responsibility to fully illustrate one's thoughts through language. We live in a world of 140 characters and TV sound bites that only offer a glimpse of the truth. It's so easy to text someone that you'll commit to something only to blow it off. There are few things that at the very core make us human. The power to take the thoughts in your head and convey them to fellow man in a socially agreeable way has given us so much in the past couple hundred thousand years. Let us not lose it.

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