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When was the last time you took a job you don't want? It happens all the time. We take jobs we know it isn't something that is going to fulfill us. Humans need a mission. We need a purpose. It is very easy to fall into the void of idleness and torpor. Of course there are a multitude of reasons we fall into these jobs. Perhaps there are external factors that influence our decisions to take a job. We have debts we need to reconcile. We are doing it to care for loved ones and we sacrifice some of our own wants and goals. We do it because we are afraid of the failure of following the calling of what we feel we truly need to do. All these factors play a role in forging a path in life. We go into these jobs, knowing day one that it is holding us back from some other calling. Ask any kindergartener what they want to be when they grow up. Most, if not all of them, will shell out admirable jobs. They will tell you of jobs that help people or jobs that look to discover new frontiers. Of course life has other plans as you age. We can succumb to the will of life and the obstacles it puts in our way or we can show up everyday with a side hustle. For the vast majority of people that find themselves completing work that isn't ideal it is important to "show up" everyday and put aside some time to complete work they truly enjoy. In Steven Pressfield's book The War of Art he stresses how important it is to show up everyday and work on your creative pursuits. It's not what you make but rather the ability to sit down and make something, everyday. A side hustle is a way for us to keep pursuing our true callings, even if we have to take a shadow job that will help us put food on the table.

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