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What ever happened to whistling? Where did it go? I feel in today's landscape, no one whistles anymore. Back in the day it seemed everyone not only knew how to whistle but you would see it in old time movies; they even had a song about doing it while you work! So why did it disappear? Was it the introduction of the earbuds and everyone having the ability to hear what ever music they want, when they want it? At any moment, one can stimulate themselves with some type of media that can distract the present moment and perhaps that has smothered the need to distract oneself with producing their own tune.

Did it lose its heritage in being passed down through the generations? As a young kid, I can remember my grandmother would whistle. She was so good it was like listening to a bird. She was so soft yet elegant and deliberate with her whistling.

I don't have any of these answers and I'm sure no one does. It's just interesting to think, however, that you can go months without hearing anyone whistle.

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