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Men hold a sacred bond with their barbers. You put trust in this individual to help build your confidence with a killer haircut. The barber acts as a confidant with whom you can "shoot the shit" and talk about life. The barber has seen many people come through that door and heard many stories. No matter what the age of the barber, I see this individual as inherently wise, always have.

I recently went and got my haircut after taking a two month hiatus. It was a new shop that I had never been to. The guy who cut my hair was the iconic, perfect embodiment of the barber I was looking for. He was older, roughly sixty years old. He pulled his silver hair straight back in classic 1960's fashion. Both his arms were covered with tattoos that went from his shoulders to his knuckles. He spoke with a slow, Southern California demeanor and chose his words deliberately.

I asked how his day was going and he responded with, "It's a good day to get out, everyday is a good day to get out."

"Out of where?" I said. He told me it was an old saying people used who were former inmates. Our conversation continued and he shared with me his experiences as a human. For the past 30 years he has been buying and selling antiques and art. It helped him pay for his children's college, it has helped him take vacations with his wife and most importantly it helped him discover his passion for history and treasure hunting. Through conversation, Wynn brought me into his world and the life of a "picker." We got so involved in the conversation that Wynn invited me to join him at a swap meet that's coming up. I can be a fly on the wall he said and listen to what he does when he goes out and picks. I have to say I am more than excited to join him. Since the dawn of civilization, the barbershop has been a place of gathering for men young and old to come and fraternized, share ideas and network. I'm glad to see that tradition lives on.

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