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Every person who has enjoyed an alcoholic beverage has probably had their fair share of cidres. Whether it's because you need a nice beer alternative, you can't (or choose not to) drink beverages that contain gluten or you want a nice alcoholic beverage that brings back childhood memories of those autumn days on the apple orchard. Most people have never had nor even heard of a pear cider (poire). After working as a Sommelier is one of Paris' most renowned restaurants, Eric Bordelet took over his family's orchard business in 1992. Bordelet believes that cidre and poire should be treated like wine. He grows more than 20 different varieties of apple and 15 types of pear.

I had the pleasure of trying his "Poire Authentique." It is his table poire. It offered a light and paler experience than your classic Normandie cidre. It drank dry and it's light body made is quenching and easy to drink. With it's fine bubbles and fresh tastes it is a crushable beverage that should be shared among friends. I would love to drink this relaxing on the lakefront while the sun is setting with one or two close friends.


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