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The other day I had sex with one of my coworkers. While I have had sex with coworkers in the past, this one felt a bit strange to me. She claimed she had "won." I told her that I had no interest in having sex with her ever. She submitted my will and after a few rounds of green chartreuse and a bottle of Sancerre, I was done. In her head, she really had won. She told me for months how much she adored me and how much she wanted to hookup. I told her that it would never happen. Her tenacity is pretty remarkable. Before we hooked up she told me how she could, "bang someone and then meet their wife right after." For better or for worse, I'm not married, nor do I even have a girlfriend.

I don't want any type of relationship in my life at the moment. With the way she would come on to me and the way I felt she adored me, having sex would send her into a thought pattern that would give her some type of false hope. I told her straight up,

"I can't be some type of prince charming for you. If we do this, there can be absolutely no hope in your head that there will be something between us. Everyone always says they don't won't have feelings. That is near always false." I felt like a huge douche after the prince charming line. I needed to make my point.

"Hunny, I haven't fucked in twenty one days. I don't want a relationship at all. I'm horny as hell. I've had guys for years that we can just hookup on and off and it isn't anything."

It opened my eyes and I took her up on her offer. I won't go into how the sex was, I don't need to.

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