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Meet Jon Brosio: The man behind "Where'sTheFidelity"

"Earth is your setting and your perception is the epic. There are many princesses along the way to be saved and many beasts to be slaughtered. Slay both the princess and the beast!"


- Jon Brosio


I consider myself a thinker, a writer, a storyteller, an entrepreneur and a doer. There are so many great opportunities on this Earth sometimes I get worrisome that I will miss a thing or two. Conversation is what makes me connect with my own humanity. I love telling stories and I love hearing stories from other people.  

While my lovely parents named me Jon on paper, sometimes my alter ego Duff might pop up here and there. While they are both one in the same person, sometimes you need to take a vacation from who you are.

What's the point of this blog? To give credence and clarity to many of the thoughts people share. We live in a world where a narrative is thrown at us. Once we reach a certain threshold of success we will be happy! I feel that is false. Happiness comes and goes. We live in a world of confusion. I want to put those thoughts on the table and dissect them. 



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